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Fresh processed products

Top quality sausages, burgers and minced meat with full quality assurance. Our catalogue of fresh processed products features a varied range that fulfils every need.


Our products

White Fresh Pork Sausage
Ref. 50000P
White Fresh Pork Sausage Natural Casing
Ref. 50010P
Red Fresh Pork Sausage
Ref. 50020P
Fresh Chicken Sausage
Ref. 50050P
White Fresh Pork Sausage Cocktail
Ref. 50060P
Red Home Made Chorizo
Ref. 50060P
Red Home Made Small Chorizo
Ref. 2015F
Fresh chicken and pork burger
Ref. 50110P
Fresh beef and pork burger
Ref. 50190P
Fresh beef burger
Ref. 50180P