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Frimancha understands the importance of Halal precepts in the diets of the Muslim community in Spain and we take our duty to apply these criteria very seriously. The Halal guarantee stamp awarded by the Junta Islámica (Islamic Council) of Spain endorses our approach.
Proven experience

Halal at Frimancha

Frimancha is familiar with every detail of the requirements that define best practises in the slaughter and deboning of Halal meat. Our production range is exclusively for beef and we use an east-facing cage that can be reclined onto the left-hand side of the animal. We also have a team of highly reliable Muslim slaughterers who have been specially certified by a well-known body: the Junta Islámica (Islamic Council) of Spain.
Distribución y calidad
Distribución y calidad

Junta Islámica

The stamp of the Junta Islámica, the organisation that oversees the interests of the Muslim community on the Iberian Peninsula, guarantees the cleanliness of the Halal products it certifies. We have this stamp on all our products that are slaughtered following the Halal ritual, offering the perfect guarantee of quality and compliance.